Thummer Demos Recording

For a person that is looking for an easier way to record demos and tapes, the new Thummer instrument may be a better way than using a traditional instrument. While recording on an older instrument often means that a person makes many attempts and has to start over each time a mistake is made, the Thummer is an intuitive instrument, meaning that it is harder to make a musical mistake and the progression between sounds is set up naturally so that the fingers will automatically move to the correct key. In this manner, many musicians will be able to nail a demo in their first take, drastically reducing the time and effort needed to create a new recording. In addition to being easy to play, the Thummer keyboard also has the ability to mimic the sound of nearly any other instrument. Like a traditional keyboard, there are sampled tones from a trumpet, drum, piano, and many others that create a wide range of playing sounds. Therefore, a person can record all of the individual parts separately instead of relying on other musicians to play the music as desired. In this manner, a person is more in control of their music and the recording process, being able to effectively play all of the instruments needed by simply learning how to play the Thummer. It is in this ease of learning that the Thummer hopes to gain popularity. There are a number of instructional materials that highlight how easy it is to learn the instrument. This speed is found in the way the Thummer was created. It is meant to be learned in stages, where a person will focus on one aspect of the instrument and master it before moving on to the next feature. In this way, a person will be able to make music from the start and will build on their skills as they learn other components of the instrument.

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