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With nearly everything in life moving into modern age, musical instruments are poised to be one of the last to follow suit. Modern keyboards use the same piano layout that has been used for centuries and guitars have kept their same basic shape for even longer. However, there is a need for a new instrument that follows the rapid pace of technology change. The Thummer is one recent invention that stands as a possible contender as a viable new way of creating music. This instrument has many differences from traditional ones that allow a player to have more expressive ability and variety in their music. Inventor Jim Plamondon decided to implement the principles of engineering into the creation of this new instrument. The Thummer is basically two identical boxes that rest on a stand, meaning that a person can either sit or stand while playing. The top of the boxes have an isomorphic keyboard that is played by simply pressing buttons that represent the individual notes and chords. On the side of the box that is facing the player, a thumb controlled joystick exists that allows the person to modulate the sound coming from the instrument. With its small size, the Thummer is very portable and can be transported from place to place with ease. In addition, set up takes only a few minutes and a person can start playing with only a minimum of effort. Taking advantage of technological innovation, the Thummer can use the sounds of many other instruments. Therefore, a person who learns to play the Thummer well will be able to make the same sounds as a piano, guitar, or many other instruments. The isometric design of the keyboard gives the player more control and makes it easier to switch between notes as the actual hand placement never changes and the person does not need to learn multiple fingering settings.

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